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1. Taking Care of You -The Parent
Parents are on the go constantly, most of the time ensuring that family life runs smoothly.The ability to unwind is a key factor in maintaining a healthy mind set. Encouraging parents to take timeout actually benefits everyone within the family. Finding the child within can be fun and rewarding.

2. The Importance Of Telling Our Children No
One of the roles of a teenager is to test boundaries! Teenagers may view a 'No' as a challenge, testing behaviours of everyone. Parents may have to find ways to say 'No' in ways that leave teenagers still feeling heard. Maintaining a 'No' will eventually reap it's rewards for everyone.

3. How To Develop Coping Skills
Stress is a normal part of 'teenage life'. Helping your teenager cope with everyday stress adds to their life skills. Teenage years are full of exciting change. The calm influence of a parent calms the emotional waters of teenage years. Less stressed teenagers can lead to a peaceful family.

4. Study Habits For Teenagers
Exploring how to provide a good study ethic, along with establishing study routines can be liberating for parents and teenagers. Studying can be fun, it encourages organisation and can give a thirst for learning. Teenagers discover the benefits of seeing their hard work bring fruitful rewards.

5. Adolescent Peer Groups and Cliques
Adolescent peer groups and cliques are an important part of growth and development in adolescence. This article looks at their influence and importance and informs parents about how these groups help and hinder development during adolescence.

6. A Sweet Sixteen Birthday
A sixteenth birthday bridges or marks the age of childhood into young adulthood. Organizing a cool party takes organisation, time and effort. Parties bring families and friends together. Parents may use this event to bond with teenagers, creating fun time which ensures that memories last forever.

7. Test Taking Skills - Multiple Choice Strategies
Midterms are nearly here. Read this for some quick tips on doing well.

8. Managing Adolescent Holiday Stress
The winter holidays are a time of joy and gratitude, but they can also be a time of stress and anxiety. For teenagers, holiday stress may be compounded by school pressure. Here are some tips for helping them to manage their holiday stress.

9. Adolescents and Social Networking Sites
Social networking sites are the latest craze with adolescents. Find out what they are and how to make sure that your adolescents are responsible users.

10. Adolescent Eating Disorders Defined
Between picky eating and a busy schedule, an eating disorder might slip under the radar for a long time. The first step to knowing whether or not your adolescent is a competent eater is understanding what eating disorders are.

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